Security & Access Control

The Engineerix Security Division is responsible for a diverse range of security products and services for its existing Clients.

The Security Division’s primary service is that of assisting Clients in Locating and Securing areas of their Networks which are accessible by Unauthorized Means or Persons.

Utilizing advanced forensics, the Security Team performs intensive analysis of the exposures together with corrective recommendations. Engineerix has available a complete line of security products that further assist Clients in obtaining and maintaining a Secure Network.

The Engineerix Security Division is responsible for the continual development of our successful Engineerix product line:


Engineerix E.D.A.C.S. [Evolutionary Digital Access and Control System], E.D.A.S.C. is the Engineerix flagship for real-time personnel access, tracking, monitoring and control.


The Intelligent rugged E.D.A.C.S. devices incorporate RFID, Optical, Keypad, Video, RF and optical recognition in various models including models which meet the stringent Class I Division II standards.


The Engineerix Site and Master Control Center based system NERO powered by the world’s leading SCADA system manufacturer provides Engineerix Clients with the ability to securely, easily and effectively administer and monitor the Engineerix product suites as well as the integration of Client existing systems.